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一年一岁一本书:30岁前必读的30本书 (免费下载)

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30 Books Everyone Should Read Before You’re Thirty


The Web is grand. With its fame for hosting informative, easy-to-skim textual snippets, and collaborative written works, people are spending more and more time reading online. Nevertheless, the Web cannot replace the authoritative transmissions from certain classic books that have delivered (or will deliver) profound ideas around the globe for generations.

The thirty books listed here are of unparalleled prose, packed with wisdom capable of igniting a new understanding of the world. Everyone should read these books before their thirtieth birthday.


Siddhartha《流浪者之歌》 by Hermann Hesse [PDF格式下载]

A powerful story about the importance of life experiences as they relate to approaching an understanding of reality and attaining enlightenment


1984《一九八四》 by George Orwell [PDF格式下载]

1984 still holds chief significance nearly sixty years after it was written in 1949. It is widely acclaimed for its haunting vision of an all-knowing government, which uses pervasive, twenty-four/seven surveillance tactics to manipulate all citizens of the populace.

《一九八四》是奥威尔的传世之作,堪称世界文坛最著名的反乌托邦、反极权的政治讽喻小说。他在小说中创造的“老大哥”、“双重思想”、“ 新话”等词汇都已收人权威的w88中文词典,甚至由他的姓衍生出“奥威尔式” (Orwellian)、“奥威尔主义”(Orwellism)这样的通用词汇,不断出现在报道国际新闻的记者笔下,足见其作品在w88中文国家影响之深远。

To Kill a Mockingbird《杀死一只知更鸟》 by Harper Lee [PDF格式下载]

The story surveys the controversial issues of race and economic class in the 1930s Deep South via a court case of a black man charged with the rape and abuse of a young white girl. It’s a moving tale that delivers a profound message about fighting for justice and against prejudice.


A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess [PDF格式下载]

A nightmarish vision of insane youth culture that depicts heart wrenching insight into the life of a disturbed adolescent. This novel will blow you away … leaving you breathless, livid, thrilled, and concerned.


For Whom the Bell Tolls 《战地钟声》by Ernest Hemingway[PDF格式下载]

A short, powerful contemplation on death, ideology and the incredible brutality of war.

《战地钟声》是描述西班牙内战,海明威表达了佛朗哥元帅极权统治不但影响西班牙人,也影响其他国家的人。那个时期,欧美国家很多左倾艺术家和知识分子,都 表态反对极权统治,毕加索更以著名巨型画作格尔尼卡(Guernica)批评佛朗哥。于1940年出版。以西班牙内战为背景,描写满怀理想的美国青年罗伯 特·约丹(Robert Jordan)志愿参战,逃亡时因受伤而被遗弃在后方,于是独自与敌人火拼,最后以自杀了结此生的悲剧。故事情节复杂,人物刻划生动。

War and Peace《战争与和平》 by Leo Tolstoy [PDF格式下载]

This masterpiece is so enormous even Tolstoy said it couldn’t be described as a standard novel. The storyline takes place in Russian society during the Napoleonic Era, following the characters of Andrei, Pierre and Natasha … and the tragic and unanticipated way in which their lives interconnect.

托尔斯泰卷帙浩繁的长篇小说。场面浩大,人物繁多,被称为“世界上最伟大的小说”,成就非凡。《战争与和平》问世至今,一直被人称为“世界上最伟大的小说 ”。 这部卷帙浩繁的巨著以史诗般广阔与雄浑的气势,生动地描写了1805至1820年俄国社会的重大历史事件和各个生活领域:“近千个人物,无数的场景,国家 和私人生活的一切可能的领域,历史,战争,人间一切惨剧,各种情欲,人生各个阶段,从婴儿降临人间的啼声到气息奄奄的老人的感情最后迸发,人所能感受到的 一切欢乐和痛苦,各种可能的内心思绪,从窃取自己同伴的钱币的小偷的感觉,到英雄主义的最崇高的冲动和领悟透彻的沉思— —在这幅画里都应有尽有。

The Rights of Man by Tom Paine [PDF格式下载]

Written during the era of the French Revolution, this book was one of the first to introduce the concept of human rights from the standpoint of democracy.


The Social Contract《社会契约论》 by Jean-Jacques Rousseau [PDF格式下载]

A famous quote from the book states that “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” This accurately summarizes the book’s prime position on the importance of individual human rights within society.

社会契约论(法文:Du Contrat Social,又译《民约论》,或称政治权利原理)是法国思想家让·雅克·卢梭于1762年写成的一本书。《社会契约论》中主权在民的思想,是现代民主制度的基石,深刻地影响了逐步废除欧洲君主绝对权力的运动,和18世纪末北美殖民地摆脱英帝国统治、建立民主制度的斗争。美国的《独立宣言》和法国的《人权宣言》及两国的宪法均体现了《社会契约论》的民主思想。

One Hundred Years of Solitude《百年孤独》 by Gabriel García Márquez [PDF格式下载]

This novel does not have a plot in the conventional sense, but instead uses various narratives to portray a clear message about the general importance of remembering our cultural history.

The Origin of Species《物种起源》 by Charles Darwin

Few books have had as significant an impact on the way society views the natural world and the genesis of humankind.



The Wisdom of the Desert《沙漠的智慧》 by Thomas Merton

A collection of thoughts, meditations and reflections that give insight into what life is like to live simply and purely, dedicated to a greater power than ourselves.


The Tipping Point《引爆流行》 by Malcolm Gladwell [PDF格式下载]

Gladwell looks at how a small idea, or product concept, can spread like a virus and spark global sociological changes. Specifically, he analyzes “the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable.”


The Wind in the Willows《柳林风声》 by Kenneth Graham [在线阅读]

Arguably one of the best children’s books ever written; this short novel will help you appreciate the simple pleasures in life. It’s most notable for its playful mixture of mysticism, adventure, morality, and camaraderie.


The Art of War《孙子兵法》 by Sun Tzu

One of the oldest books on military strategy in the world. It’s easily the most successful written work on the mechanics of general strategy and business tactics.

《孙子兵法》是中国古典军事文化遗产中的璀璨瑰宝,是中国优秀文化传统的重要组成部分。是世界三大兵书之一(另外两部是:《战争论》(克劳塞维茨) ,《五轮书》(宫本武藏) )其内容博大精深,思想精邃富赡,逻辑缜密严谨。作者为春秋末年的齐国人孙武(字长卿)。

The Lord of the Rings《魔戒|指环王》 by J.R.R. Tolkien [Ebook下载]

One of the greatest fictional stories ever told, and by far one of the most popular and influential written works in twentieth-century literature. Once you pick up the first book, you’ll read them all.

David Copperfield《大卫·科波菲尔》 by Charles Dickens [PDF格式下载]

This is a tale that lingers on the topic of attaining and maintaining a disciplined heart as it relates to one’s emotional and moral life. Dickens states that we must learn to go against “the first mistaken impulse of the undisciplined heart.”

Four Quartets《四个四重奏》 by T.S. Eliot [PDF格式下载]

Probably the wisest poetic prose of modern times. It was written during World War II, and is still entirely relevant today … here’s an excerpt: “The dove descending breaks the air/With flame of incandescent terror/Of which the tongues declare/The only discharge from sin and error/The only hope, or the despair/Lies in the choice of pyre or pyre–/To be redeemed from fire by fire./Who then devised this torment?/Love/Love is the unfamiliar Name/Behind the hands that wave/The intolerable shirt of flame/Which human power cannot remove./We only live, only suspire/Consumed by either fire or fire.”

Catch-22《第二十二条军规》 by Joseph Heller [PDF格式下载]

This book coined the self-titled term “catch-22” that is widely used in modern-day dialogue. As for the story, its message is clear: What’s commonly held to be good, may be bad … what is sensible, is nonsense. Its one of the greatest literary works of the twentieth century. Read it.

第二十二条军规》是一部严肃的、讽刺性极强的小说。通过这部小说,约瑟夫·海勒将他眼中的美国社会展现在读者眼前。这个社会处于一种有组织的混乱、一种制 度化了的疯狂之中,这个社会的一切只服从“第二十二条军规”的荒诞逻辑。这样一种病态的、荒诞的社会只有海勒的想象力才能够包容它,只有“黑色幽默”这样 的创作手法才能够较好地表现它。

The Great Gatsby《了不起的盖茨比》 by F. Scott Fitzgerald [PDF格式下载]

Set in the Jazz Age of the roaring 20s, this book unravels a cautionary tale of the American dream. Specifically, the reader learns that a few good friends are far more important that a zillion acquaintances, and the drive created from the desire to have something is more valuable than actually having it.

二十世纪二十年代的美国,空气里弥漫着欢歌与纵饮的气息。一个偶然的机会,穷职员尼克闯入了挥金如土的大富翁盖茨比隐秘的世界,惊讶地发现,他内心惟一的 牵绊竟是河对岸那盏小小的绿灯——灯影婆娑中,住着心爱的黛西。然而,冰冷的现实容不下缥缈的梦,到头来,盖茨比心中的女神只不过是凡尘俗世的物质女郎。 当一切真相大白,盖茨比的悲剧人生亦如烟花般,璀璨只是一瞬,幻灭才是永恒。一阕华丽的“爵士时代”的挽歌,在菲茨杰拉德笔下,如诗如梦,在美国当代文学 史上留下了墨色浓重的印痕。

The Catcher in the Rye《麦田守望者》 by J.D. Salinger [PDF格式下载]

This novel firmly stands as an icon for accurately representing the ups and downs of teen angst, defiance and rebellion. If nothing else, it serves as a reminder of the unpredictable teenage mindset.

Crime and Punishment《罪与罚》 by Fyodor Dostoyevsky [PDF格式下载]

A smooth-flowing, captivating novel of a young man living in poverty who criminally succumbs to the desire for money, and the hefty psychological impact this has on him and the people closest to him.


The Prince《君主论》 by Niccolo Machiavelli [PDF格式下载]

This book does a great job at describing situations of power and statesmanship. From political and corporate power struggles to attaining advancement, influence, and authority over others, Machiavelli’s observations apply.

《君主论》集西方数千年权术思想之精华,奠定了西方“厚黑学”之基础。它被称为邪恶的圣经,毁誉参半,不管放在什么地方都有几分惊世骇俗;但它又是一本不 可不读的奇书,一直被奉为欧洲历代君主的案头之书,政治家的最高指南,统治阶级巩固其统治的治国原则,和人类有史以来对政治斗争技巧最独到、最精辟的解 剖。同时,在政治界、宗教界、学术界等领域引起过巨大的反响,被西方评论界列为和《圣经》、《资本论》等相提并论的影响人类历史的十部著作之一。


Walden《瓦尔登湖》 by Henry David Thoreau [PDF格式下载]

Thoreau spent two years, two months and two days writing this book in a secluded cabin near the banks of Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. This is a story about being truly free from the pressures of society. The book can speak for itself: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

这是一本极为优秀的人生哲理书,但从根本上讲,这本书更能扩大我们的日常视野,让我们从简单的生活开始学习知识。通过这本书,我们不仅可以接触到大量的动 物和植物学知识,还能了解到更多的人文、地理和历史知识。阅读它,我们能在平凡与简单中真切感受生活的意义与趣味,也更能感受寂静之美。

The Republic《理想国》 by Plato [PDF格式下载]

A gripping and enduring work of philosophy on how life should be lived, justice should be served, and leaders should lead. It also gives the reader a fundamental understanding of western political theory.



  柏拉图把国家分为三个阶层:受过严格哲学教育的统治阶层、保卫国家的武士阶层、平民阶层。他鄙 视个人幸福,无限地强调城邦整体、强调他一己以为的“正义”。在柏拉图眼中,第三阶层的人民是低下的,可以欺骗的。他赋予了统治者无上的权力,甚至统治者 “为了国家利益可以用撒谎来对付敌人或者公民”


Lolita《洛丽塔》 by Vladimir Nabokov [PDF格式下载]

This is the kind of book that blows your mind wide open to conflicting feelings of life, love and corruption … and at times makes you deeply question your own perceptions of each. The story is as devious as it is beautiful.



Getting Things Done by David Allen

The quintessential guide to organizing your life and getting things done. Nuff said.

How To Win Friends and Influence People《如何赢得友谊和影响他人》 by Dale Carnegie [PDF格式下载]

This is the granddaddy of all self-improvement books. It is a comprehensive, easy to read guide for winning people over to your way of thinking in both business and personal relationships.

人类历史上最畅销的励志经典,洞见人性直达心灵的人生智慧。 卡耐基在书中以人性为基础。分析和阐述了处理人际关系的3大技巧、使人喜欢你的6大方法、领导他人的12种技巧、说服他人的9大原则,这一套人际关系学令读者怦然心动,也使世界人类的相处之道为之一新,能够帮助读者最大化地挖掘自我潜能。 本书在世界出版史上创造了奇迹,许多青年企业家、业务员、家庭主妇、学生、热恋中的情侣都争相阅读。这的确是一本能让人惊喜、使人思想更成熟、举止更稳重的好书。也是人一生中最重要的一本书。

Lord of the Flies《蝇王》 by William Golding [PDF格式下载]

A powerful and alarming look at the possibilities for savagery in a lawless environment, where compassionate human reasoning is replaced by anarchistic, animal instinct


The Grapes of Wrath《愤怒的葡萄》 by John Steinbeck

Steinbeck’s deeply touching tale about the survival of displaced families desperately searching for work in a nation stuck by depression will never cease to be relevant.


The Master and Margarita《大师和玛格丽特》 by Mikhail Bulgak [PDF格式下载]

This anticommunist masterpiece is a multifaceted novel about the clash between good and evil. It dives head first into the topics of greed, corruption and deception as they relate to human nature.

BONUS: How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittman

900 pages of simple instructions on how to cook everything you could ever dream of eating. Pretty much the greatest cookbook ever written. Get through a few recipes each week, and you’ll be a master chef by the time you’re thirty.

BONUS: Honeymoon with My Brother by Franz Wisner

Franz Wisner had it all … a great job and a beautiful fiancée. Life was good. But then his fiancée dumped him days before their wedding, and his boss basically fired him. So he dragged his younger brother to Costa Rica for his already-scheduled honeymoon and they never turned back … around the world they went for two full years. This is a fun, heartfelt adventure story about life, relationships, and self-discovery.




牛津书虫系列全套50本 (部分含原版下载)