面试w88中文:面试紧张怎么办 6个方法来缓解

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1. Do A Mental Dress Rehearsal 


Most career experts will advise you to practice answering interview questions, but there’s another kind of rehearsal that can prepare you in a different way—the rehearsal that’s all in your mind.


“Research shows that experiencing success increases our confidence, even if that experience is imagined,”says Harley Sears, an Arkansas-based consulting hypnotist. To get into a mental rehearsal, Sears recommends that you make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and allow your muscles to relax.

美国阿肯色州的咨询师 Harley Sears 表示:“研究表明成功经历可以有效提升人们的自信心,即使这种经历是假想出来的也没关系。”他建议求职者可以做一个心里面试排练,在排练过程中你需要闭上眼睛,深呼吸,身体肌肉放松,让身体进入一个完全放松的状态。

“See yourself as calm, focused, and prepared—confidently answering any questions throughout the successful interview. Allow yourself to feel strong, confident, and proud while visualizing your successful interview.”


2. Listen To A Motivational Playlist 


Star in your own episode of “Carpool Karaoke” on your way to the interview, and you could sing your way into a Zen-like state for interview success.


“Movement and music can instantly get you in a place of confidence,” says Jennifer Davis, a New Jersey–based leadership coach. “Pick a favorite song that fills your heart with passion. Songs and movements that connect you with your best self will allow you to fully experience power in the moment, and then you can go in and crush it!”

美国新泽西州的领导力管理教练 Jennifer Davis 表示:“运动和音乐能够使人立即进入自信活力满满的状态。在面试之前听一些自己喜欢的歌曲可以使你激情满满。尤其是一些励志音乐的作用是非常明显的,听完让你瞬间信心大增,对即将到来的面试跃跃欲试。”

3. Give Yourself A Pep Talk 


Do you sometimes catch yourself talking to yourself? It’s okay. We all do it. Well, according to Patricia Thompson, president of Silver Lining Psychology, an Atlanta-based corporate psychology and management consulting firm, that’s exactly what you want to do before an interview to get in the right headspace.

你曾经试过跟自己对话吗?其实这并不是疯子或者神经病的做法,生活中对许多人来说这是很普遍的做法。根据美国心理学家 Patricia Thompson  表示:“在面试之前你要做的正是学会用与自己对话的方式为自己加油打气。”

Thompson actually suggests a trick to personalize your pep talk even more: “Use your own name. Research suggests that it helps you to distance yourself a bit from the situation, and instead of getting caught up in the anxiety of it, can help you to have a greater sense of perspective,” she says.

他还给出了更为详细的自我鼓励的建议:“面试者最好用自己的名字来一场和自己的真实对话。” 研究表明这种自我对话的方式可以有效缓解紧张情绪,而不是一直战战兢兢的状态。毫无疑问自我激励的方式有利于增强自信,缓解紧张。

4.Watch Funny Videos 

4. 看点幽默视频

Finally, there’s a time when it is productive—and prescriptive—to watch cat videos. Thompson says there’s a benefit to watching a few funny videos before you head into your interview. “Having a good belly laugh relaxes you and puts you in a better mood. It has also been linked to reduce certain stress hormones in the body,” she says. Good laugh, good interview.

最后,你还可以给自己规定一段时间看一段搞笑视频。Thompson 表示:“在面试前看一段搞笑视频对接下来的面试非常有益。搞笑视频可以带给你欢乐以及放松心态,而且可以有效降低体内的应激激素。只有心态放松良好,面试才能够事半功倍。”

5. Exaggerate Your Fears 

5. 做一个最坏打算

This might sound like the absolute opposite of a calming exercise, but as you’re preparing for your interview, ask yourself what the worst is that can happen, then amplify it.

洛杉矶生活教练 Jackie Viramontez 表示:“生活中大部分人习惯于去扼杀焦虑紧张等情绪,但是提醒自己做最坏打算也是一种有效的方法。” 有时候夸张一下结果可以令人自嘲,同时重新获得对于自己的客观认识。

“Most people try to stifle anxious thoughts with positivity, but voicing your worst fears is more effective,” says Jackie Viramontez, a Los Angeles–based life coach. “The exaggeration method allows you to laugh at yourself and regain a practical perspective.”

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