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增大字体 减小字体






As we can see in the above picture, ... (There has been a heated discussion about this drawing. Adj. as it is, the symbolic meaning is thought-provoking.)

It is clear that the picture implies a widespread phenomenon in our society today, that is, ... As far as I am concerned, ... What is more, ... In addition, ...

Taking what mentioned above into account, we can naturally come to the conclusion that ... It is necessary/ imperative/ urgent for us to take effective measures/ steps/ actions to do ... Only in this way/ by doing so can we... And I firmly believe that ...


As we can clearly see in the chart/ table/ diagram, some considerable changes have taken place in the field of ...

Several reasons that may account for these changes are as follows. To begin with, it is obvious that the great changes are bound up with the rapid social and economic development. What is more, it cannot be denied that this phenomenon has something to do with the fact that our government pays more attention to..., and thus develop some relevant favourable policies. In addition, ... contributes to what reflected by the chart as well.

Taking what mentioned above into consideration, we can draw the conclusion that this phenomenon does more harm than good / does more good than harm to our society as well as people’s lives. (Therefore, it is necessary/ imperative/ urgent for us to take effective measures/ steps/ actions to do ...). And I firmly believe that this trend will go on/ change in the near future.



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