剑桥大学电话w88中文教程Unit 08 任务 1(2)

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剑桥大学电话w88中文教程UNIT 08 HANDLING COMPLAINTS 处理投诉, Task 任务1(2),致电航空公司,寻找遗失的行李。

Task 1 (2)


Receptionist: Flyfast Airlines. Good morning. Can I help you?


Marina Donato: Hello. My name's Marina Donato. I'm calling because my luggage wasn't on the same flight that I came here on yesterday - and I really need my things.

你好,我叫 Marina Donato.我打电话来是因为我的行李昨天没有跟我同一趟航班到达——但我真的很需要里面的东西。

Receptionist: Yes, I'm sure you do. I'll just transfer you to the office that deals with missing luggage. Could you hold on a moment, please?


Marina Donato: Yes.


Rob Godwin: Rob Godwin, Flyfast Airlines Baggage Department speaking. I understand your luggage has gone missing - is that right?

我是快飞航空行李保管处的Rob Godwin,我知道您的行李遗失了——对吗?

Marina Donato: Yes, I flew to Edinburgh yesterday. I waited for ages after landing, only to find my suitcases weren't on the flight and then I had to rush off to meet someone. When I rang your office at 9.00 last night all I got was the answerphone telling me to ring back this morning. It's been a real nuisance.


Rob Godwin: I'm sorry about that. I'm sure we'll be able to trace it and get it to you as soon as we can. First of all, could I have your name, please?


Marina Donato: Marina Donato.

Marina Donato.

Rob Godwin: And what flight were you on yesterday?


Marina Donato: It was flight FA 537 from Genoa, stopping over in London.

我坐的是 FA 537 次航班,从热那亚起飞,经停伦敦。

Rob Godwin: I see.


Marina Donato: We should have landed in Edinburgh at 6 o'clock, but the flight was late leaving London, and we didn't arrive here until 7.00.


Rob Godwin: Right. Can you also give me the number of your baggage check, which you'll find inside your ticket?


Marina Donato: Yes, there are two - FA 537 069431 and FA 537 069432. I've got a large brown suitcase and a smaller green overnight bag - and I really need them today.

好的——FA 537 069431和FA 537 069432.我的行李是一个大的棕色箱子和一个小的绿色旅行袋——我今天就需要里面的东西。

Rob Godwin: Thank you, Ms Donato, I'll be able to trace them now. Could I have your phone number so I can ring you as soon as we find them?


Marina Donato: Yes, my mobile is 363 2005738 and you need to dial the code for Italy first.

可以,我的号码是 363 2005738,拨之前要先拨意大利区号。

Rob Godwin: Right, I've got that. I'll ring you as soon as we've tracked down your baggage and we'll have it sent to you. Where are you staying?


Marina Donato: I'm at the Horseshoe Hotel.


Rob Godwin: That's fine. I'll ring you as soon as possible.


Marina Donato: Thanks - it's really difficult not having anything at all.


Rob Godwin: I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. I hope we'll be able to get your things to you today.


Marina Donato: So do I. Thanks. Bye.


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